Our honey is produced by Corsican  ecotype  bees (Apis mellifera), the only bee able to extract the honey nectar necessary  to make honey from the heart of the flower.

The breeding method of our livestock, following the approval “AOP Honey of Corsica” (guarantee of quality), commits ourselves to maintain our hives using  the traditional way: the beeswax is natural wax , the beehives are smoked out at different moments with fuelsfrom the surrounding nature (most often picked up at the hives feet) .

Honey is harvested  when mature and does not undergo any warm up technique (the heat eases the manipulation of honey) because this process can alter its chemical composition.

Our bees only forage from wildflowers exempted of any phytosanitary treatment. The diversity of the surrounding bush gives our honey its single, distinctive flavor. One that cannot be found in those harvested from hives adjacent to mono crop plantations (sunflower, rapeseed, etc…).

Our livestock is located near Venzolasca, a village in the heart of the region of Castagniccia, in the center of Corsica. Far away from any kind of pollution, it stretches at 220m above sea level, at the bottom of Mount Sant’Anghiulu.

All those breeding and production choices gives the honey “l’Oru Di Corsica” that single taste that cannot be found in any other honey in the world.