A pristine natural environment, ancestral beekeeping techniques & the highest technological standards allow us to produce one of the best honey in the world. Surrounding wildflowers allow our bees to produce:

– Corsican Spring Scrub Honey – Amber, with a delicate taste of caramel or cocoa, the smell of licorice or coconut

– Corsican Sweet Chestnut Honey – Amber and long finish, this is a very tannic and slightly bitter honey

– Corsican Scrub Honeydew – Dark amber to very dark, malty taste, aroma of licorice, cVoir la pagearamel and ripe fruit, long finish

In addition to its traditional personal consumption, l’Oru di Corsica honey is the ideal ingredient for making recipes with both meat and fish (veal medallions with honey and citrus, sea bream filet with honey, etc..), Desserts (brownies with honey and nuts, honey and walnut pie, cakes and apples, honey and  brocciu foam, etc) and sauces such as mayonnaise honey.