Honeys benefiting from the AOC / AOP “Miel de Corse – Mele di Corsica” must meet the following characteristics:

1 – pollen spectrum in accordance with the Corsican origin

The pollen analysis provides information on the Corsican origin or not honey and its micro-regional origin, this based “markers” in honey. She can identify, if any, the presence of nectar from oilseed cultivation (such as rapeseed and sunflower) and which causes the exclusion of such honeyed.

2 – Water content less than 18%

Its water content ensures high quality by avoiding any shift towards fermentation process .

3 – Content of hydroxy-methyl-furfural (HMF) less than or equal to 10 mg/kg packaging

The HMF, fructose degradation product is a guarantee of “freshness” of the product since it increases with age honey.

In the control tasting the honey sample must be free of odors, off-flavors or tastes including too pronounced smoke odors, or old waxes, etc … in addition, it must be free of foreign particles or impurities with a diameter greater than 1/10 th of mm. The only permitted formed elements are microscopic particles (pollen grains, algae and spores of fungi in the case of honeydew) it has naturally.